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The office offers chiropractic adjustments to optimize your life and performance. Chiropractic clears the Central Nervous System of any interference that can alter the body's function, cause discomfort or decrease quality of life. Chiropractic is an alternative, cost efficient and holistic form of healthcare whose goal is to get you well and keep you well so you can reach your optimal potential. Chiropractic also helps to support an easier and faster birth process. If you are a new patient or current patient, please use the button below to make an appointment. Patients MUST have the New Patient Exam complete before scheduling an adjustment. Dr. Z reserves the right to only accept cases that are a good fit for the clinic.

To book please call 509-548-5727 during normal business hours M-F & Sat 8-12

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Functional Medicine

Class IV Laser Therapy

Please contact the clinic directly via the Contact Form on the Home page to get started with Functional Medicine! 

This service is available in person and/or via Telehealth. Functional Medicine gets to the root cause of the signs and symptoms you are experiencing in a completely holistic approach. This approach uses in depth testing, analysis, supplement suggestions. If you are frustrated with what you are experiencing, and nutrition changes and medications aren't cutting it then this is right for you. If you are in the preconception phase and are preparing for conception and a healthy pregnancy this is essential. 

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Functional Medicine is? 

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Class IV Laser Treatment is a 5-10 minute laser session per area. The laser stimulates the mitochondria to produce significantly more ATP aka energy. When this happens, healing occurs from days to weeks faster than expected. Laser can help with bumps, bruises, scrapes, post-surgical healing, concussions, joint injuries, ligament injuries, and much more. That is why NFL players have been using this therapy for years.This is one of the most powerful therapeutic lasers available, and can reach deeper tissues. 

Contact the office today for more information.The New Patient Exam is not required for this service. This service is not covered by insurance.


$40 single session

$240 6 sessions + 1 free

$400 10 sessions + 2 free

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BirthFit Basics Training

BirthFit Basics Training available for one on one training in the clinic. BirthFit supports those during pregnancy and in the postpartum period with quality movement. The process is nurturing and honoring the body while also maintaining, or returning back to movement. This program can help prevent leakage after pregnancy, assist with DRA rehab, urinary incontinence, prolapse as well as support a healthy and easier pregnancy. Birth is an athletic event!

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The office offers a comprehensive online store for supplements. Please register with Dr. Z, and the clinic will send the suggestions as soon as possible. If there's specific supplements you are interested in please send your name and email information in the contact form. This is different from Functional Medicine services.