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The office offers chiropractic adjustments to optimize your life and performance. If you are a new patient or current patient, please use the url below to make an appointment. Patients MUST have the New Patient Exam complete before scheduling an adjustment.To book use this link:

Genova Testing

Now offering testing from Genova Diagnostics. Please contact the office to get set up with the appropriate test and for pricing. Comprehensive GI, hormone and more labs are available.

To book a follow-up appointment please use this button:

NEW Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Treatment is a 5-10 minute laser session per area. The laser stimulates the mitochondria to produce significantly more ATP aka energy. When this happens, healing occurs from days to weeks faster than expected. Laser can help with bumps, bruises, scrapes, post-surgical healing, concussions, joint injuries, ligament injuries, and much more. That is why NFL players have been using this therapy for years.This is one of the most powerful therapeutic lasers available, and can reach deeper tissues. 

Contact the office today for more information.The New Patient Exam is not required for this service. 


$40 single session

$240 6 sessions + 1 free

$400 10 sessions + 2 free


The office offers a comprehensive online store for supplements. Please register using the link below and Dr. Z will send the recommendations as soon as possible. If there's specific supplements you are interested in please send your name and email information in the contact form. 

*Please confer to your PCP before taking any supplements*


The office is now offering Telehealth services for patients at the comfort of their own home. Services included are New Patient Intake, Check-in Appointments, and Complimentary 10 minutes Consultations. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to reach out. Use the link below to book online!

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