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Dr. Z's Services & Booking

Functional Health Coaching


Check-in with Dr. Z

This service is available via Telehealth. Functional Health Coaching gets to the root cause of the signs and symptoms you are experiencing in a completely holistic approach. This approach uses in depth testing, analysis, and a customized healing suggestion. If you are frustrated with what you are experiencing, and nutrition changes and medications aren't cutting it then this is right for you. If you are in the preconception phase and are preparing for conception and a healthy pregnancy this is essential. This service also helps clients who are experiencing mold exposure, heavy metal toxicity and environmental toxin exposure. 

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The office offers a comprehensive online store for supplements. Please register with Dr. Z, and the clinic will send the suggestions as soon as possible. If there's specific supplements you are interested in please send your name and email information in the contact form. This is different from Functional Health Coaching services, and available via Telehealth.

BirthFit Training

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Don't need a whole hour to chat with Dr. Z? Here's a 15 minute option to check-in and answer quick questions you may have. 

Dr. Zajackowski is no longer offering IN PERSON services in Washington State.

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